Psilohuasca, Truffleceremonies, Ayahuasca and Kambo

Welcome to Innerlijke-reis! A journey within can help you connect with your inner wisdom to get to the heart of a problem. For example, with physical complaints, addiction problems, depression, fears, burnout, bereavement and post-traumatic stress disorder. A Psilohuasca ceremony or Magic Truffle ceremony can help you face your problems and solve them so that you can enjoy life. An inner journey can give you insight into spiritual development, awareness and life issues.

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Professional guidance

Innerlijke-reis offers professional guidance with Psilohuasca and Truffle ceremonies, also called Psilocybin ceremony or Psilocybin therapy, Ayahuasca travel to Peru, Kambo ceremonies and transformative breathwork for personal development, spiritual growth, emotional and physical healing. We also offer information and support for the reduction of psychoactive medication. (anti depressants, anti psychotics, benzodiazepine, mood stabilizers).

Equivalent alternative to Ayahuasca

After many years of working with Ayahuasca, from 2015, Innerlijke-reis decided to provide Psilohuasca and Truffle ceremonies from October 2019. The reason for this is that as of October 1, 2019 there is no longer any ambiguity regarding the legality of Ayahuasca in the Netherlands. The use, transport and possession of Ayahuasca is punishable by law. At Innerlijke-reis, a safe set and setting is paramount.

Our experience with Psilohuasca

Psilohuasca is a combination of an MAO inhibitor and Magic Truffles. We have been working with the Psilohuasca since 2019 and see the same processes and results as with the Ayahuasca. Inner-reis has a lot of experience with working with Psilocybin, the active ingredient in Magic Truffle. The combination of an MAO inhibitor with Magic Truffles can give you a lot of insights and healing. Experience has taught us that this combination also provides a deeper and longer effect. For more information about Psilohuasca look here.


Magic truffel ceremonie

At Innerlijke-reis it is also possible to do a Magic truffle ceremony. This involves working with Magic Truffle without the MAO inhibitor. Both a Psilohuasca or Magic Truffle ceremony and a Kambo treatment with the expert, safe set and setting of Inner Journey can help you to go deeply into your process. Inner Journey will continue to provide travel to the Pachamama Temple in Peru for Ayahuasca ceremonies.

Kambo Ceremonie

At Innerlijke-reis we also provide Kambo Ceremonies. Secretion (secretion from the skin) of the large green tree frog that lives in the Amazon is administered into the lymphatic system. Kambo consists of dozens of peptides. Kambo is a deep cleansing way to detoxify the body very effectively on different levels, namely: physical, emotional and mental. After a Kambo healing the users feel energetic and happy after a few days.

Quinne is certified Kambo Practitioner at The IAKP – International Association of Kambo Practitioners since 2019. The IAKP is a non-profit organization that wants to support and encourage kambo’s safe, responsible and professional use through training, awareness-raising, knowledge development and – sharing, development of personal skills, research and best practice.

The ceremonie leaders

During the ceremony you will be assisted by loving and experienced guides. All ceremony leaders and most Innerlijke-reis guides have a therapeutic and/or nursing/care background. Furthermore, the facilitators are familiar with spiritual and energetic work, have a lot of experience with life, experience with Psilohuasca/Truffles/Ayahuasca/other entheogens and with guiding ceremonies. A number of the guides at Innerlijke-reis have also completed the training as Ayahuascquero / process therapist. Eva and Quinne, supervisors of Innerlijke-reis, completed the psycho trauma training for HBO plus abyss in 2019.

In 2019 Quinne completed the Kambo Practitioner training at The IAKP – International Association of Kambo Practitioners. Iva accompanies group ceremonies at Innerlijke Reis and is also a psychologist. Iva also offers individual treatment trajectories within Inner Journey, in which therapy conversations are alternated with one or more (individual) Psilohuasca ceremonies. Iva also provides individual pre- & aftercare, before or after a ceremony.

The facilitators of Innerlijke-reis have various skills that can be applied during the ceremony. Examples include a chakra foot massage, breathing support or tuning fork healing. As a participant you may receive a healing from one of the guides during the ceremony.

At the moment Eva and Quinne follow a education for Spiritual Emergence coach.

Each Spiritual Emergence Coach® has been trained by (IMHU) to support those challenged by intense spiritually-transformative experiences.  Examples of these: mystical experiences, psychic opening, near-death experience (NDE), kundalini awakening, and shamanic journey.  Catalysts for such experiences may include ritual, use of plant medicine and psychedelics, stress, trauma, meditation, loss, accidents, and intensive workshops.

Integration of such experiences is key for positive transformation to occur (more peace, happiness, life-satisfaction).

Network of professionals

Innerlijke-reis has a network of professionals that we can call on if necessary. Think of a Doctor, Pharmacist, Psychologist, Psychiatrist and Coaches. All ceremony leaders and a number of supervisors are BHV trained. Erik and Quinne have completed the training to become a breathing coach. Eva, Erik and Quinne are currently taking the Psychotropic Plants course. Quinne completed the training for tapering psychoactive medication coach in 2021.

The individual process of each participant is the starting point, and the guidance is tailored to the need that exists at that moment. We have now been able to guide thousands of people at Innerlijke-reis during a ceremony and we are grateful for this. A ceremony is quite an experience. The effects of a ceremony can be very intense physically, emotionally and spiritually. The ceremony can reveal what we had so neatly brushed aside or repressed.

Processing Process

Everything that is not processed wants to be processed and everything that is not conscious wants to become conscious. This can throw you off balance. The period after a ceremony can also be intense. A lot has passed in your consciousness, but just as much in your subconscious. This can come into your consciousness in the days, weeks and sometimes longer after the ceremony.

An effect of a ceremony can be that memories and images from the past come to the fore. Conscious or unconscious traumas or experiences may be experienced with greater emotional intensity than normal. Internal conflicts, fears and difficult emotions can become visible, but also the beautiful and good aspects of someone’s life.

It occasionally happens that a participant loses contact with reality during a ceremony. This can be very beautiful, but it can also be experienced as exciting and fearful.

It is good to ask yourself whether you are ready for this right now.

The decision to participate in a ceremony should always be made within yourself. That means you have to check with yourself why you want to do it. Do not let others convince you of this, only you know whether it suits you.

Not a miracale cure

Psilohuasca or Magic Truffles are not miracle cures or a magical solution. It is not foolproof, or a shortcut in the process of personal growth. You can see it as a light that can help you search. To illuminate the dark parts in the lives of people who play a role indistinctly or unconsciously. Whether the use of Psilohuasca or Truffles actually leads to the desired personal growth depends on what one does with the insights obtained.

We hope to welcome you at one of our Psilohuasca, Magic Truffle or Kambo ceremonies. Innerlijke-reis mission is to help transform humanity and thus the earth. We believe that every positive change in a person contributes to a better and more beautiful world, a world in which we can live with respect for each other and life on our mother earth.

The Innerlijke-reis location and ceremony, look here for a short impression:

A Journey within

A journey within can help you connect with your inner wisdom to get to the heart of a problem. For example, with physical complaints, addiction problems, depression, fears, bereavement and post-traumatic stress disorder. A Psilohuasca ceremony or Magic Truffle ceremony can help you face your problems and solve them so that you can enjoy life.

A journey within can give you insight into spiritual development, awareness and life issues. If you want to know more about this, please contact us via 06 – 23 23 37 88 or go to contact.

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