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My name is Quinne and it’s my dream to accompany many people in an Psilohuasca ceremony for their personal development and awareness in collaboration with the teacher plant Psilohuasca. The most beautiful journey of life is the journey within.

From 2014 Innerlijke-reis started with Ayahuasca ceremonies and I have been able to guide thousands of people at an Ayahuasca ceremony and am very grateful for this.

Since October 2019 we do not longer work with Ayahuasca after a Supreme Court ruling. Since then Innerlijke-reis has been working with Psilohuasca.

As a child, I always felt the calling to become a nurse. These last years, I have worked as a specialist nurse with people who need palliative care and in the field of psychiatry. For some time now, I have been feeling called by the Ayahuasca and now Psilohuasca  to make it possible for as many people as possible to have an experience with Psilohuasca ceremonies. I look forward to accompany you in this process.

In 2017 I completed the 2-year course in process therapist / Ayahuascquero with Penva from Joop van der Hagen. In this training, various therapeutic techniques are taught such as: NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Hypnotherapy, Regression and Reincarnation therapy, Zen, Soul Retrieval and working with Ayahuasca.

I still regularly follow courses and training courses to keep developing myself and to support participants during a ceremony. For example, I did a Chakra foot massage course, basic integral massage course, auricular acupuncture course and the Soul Body Fusion practitioner course. And did a phonophoresis course, working with tuning forks.

In 2019 I completed the psycho trauma course for HBO plus.

In 2019 I completed the training for Kambo practicioner at The IAKP – International Association of Kambo Practitioners.

In 2020 I followed an ear acupuncture / ear compression course.

In 2020 i did a training for breathwork coach.

In 2021 i followed a training to coach people who want to stop with psychoactive medication.

In 2022 i completed a training in Holding Space by Heather Plett.

At this moment i follow a education for Spiritual Emergence Coach.

Spiritual Emergence Coach® has been trained by (IMHU) to support those challenged by intense spiritually-transformative experiences.  Examples of these: mystical experiences, psychic opening, near-death experience (NDE), kundalini awakening, and shamanic journey.  Catalysts for such experiences may include ritual, use of plant medicine and psychedelics, stress, trauma, meditation, loss, accidents, and intensive workshops.

Integration of such experiences is key for positive transformation to occur (more peace, happiness, life-satisfaction).

Serval years ago, I started getting all kinds of physical symptoms. Several doctors and many medications were not making me “better” and it went downhill with me and my health. I had no idea who I was, where I was and found myself not such a nice person anymore.

From one day to another, I decided to say goodbye to a lot of old habits. Stop visiting doctors, stop taking medication, stop a lot of things that I gave myself for consolation which I thought I needed them. I only live once I thought back then … and I need to enjoy. But where was that good feeling? I got interested in who am I and where I am. How do I function? And how do the world and I work together?

I read a lot of books and attended various courses. This was the first moment when I came into contact with Ayahuasca. A world opened up for me, I got in touch with my inner wisdom and was able to go to the core of my problems. The Ayahuasca helped me to face my problems and to solve them. I could rely on my self-healing ability and my physical symptoms disappeared.

The Ayahuasca has given me inner peace, confidence, strength, and I learned to enjoy life again. And most of all, I learned to love myself and to love life. Moreover, it has helped me in my spiritual development and in seeing my mission here on earth.

I  have also several years of experience working with Psilocibine, one of the active substances in the Psilohuasca.

I have already had very deep and beautifull experiences with this and have seen great healing with our participants.

I am convinced that Psilohuasca can teach you immeasurably much on a personal as well as on a planetary level.

I am therefore proud to be able to work with Psilohuasca.

And what I like is that the MAO inhibitor from the Psilohuasca is also part of the Ayahuasca that I started this journey with.

Guides of Innerlijke-reis:

My name is Eva and I have been guiding people throughout my working life in their processes; by means of breathing therapy and mindfulness, but also through healing and reading therapy. In addition, I have provided training in communication, stress and conflict management. I am guiding people from the start of Innerlijke-reis. Because of this work, I notice that all my qualities are given a place. I made my first journey in 2012 and I was overwhelmed. Sort of a complete package. I saw clearly, for example, that I have always had a depressed mood. A lot had happened in my life and I didn’t know any better than for this mood to be a part of me. By means of Ayahuasca, I experienced a different state of mind which I was unable to reach in the past. By having experienced that path, it became easier for me to choose that different road in my daily life. I also notice that I am able to abandon those old thought patterns more quickly due to the Ayahuasca. Because of the lessons that are presented to me and which I apply, I am able to deal with difficult issues faster.

I also noticed the first time that it is extremely important for me to feel safe with the guides and safe within the group in order to face the process. This is also something I see at Innerlijke-reis and I am therefore glad to be allowed to do this work at Innerlijke-reis.

In 2016, I will start the 2-years course Process Therapy/ Ayahuasquero at Joop van der Hagen.

Eva also guides individual, duo and small group ceremonies at the Innerlijke-reis location in Ede.


My name is Erik Wienk and I am one of the guides at Innerlijke-reis. Together with Quinne I supervise the Intensive weekends and regularly help guiding the group ceremonies. In addition, I take care of several tasks behind the scenes.

In 2011 I attended my first entheogens ceremony with Ayahuasca. This first experience has been the start of many experiences with various entheogens including Psilohuasca. These experiences have led to major positive changes in my life for which I am still very grateful.

In my experience, entheogens are a tool that help you unlock parts of yourself. For example, while in our daily “normal” consciousness we see only 1% of the full pectrum, an entheogen helps us to increase this range. However, the ability to experience this increased awareness is all already in our own being. The tool “simply” helps you to unlock this.

During these journeys within, I have seen that I should work with these tools and I am therefore very grateful that Ayahuasca and Psilohuasca have come into my life. I believe that working with these tools requires that you yourself have a lot of experience and confidence with them. It therefore took several years and many journeys within before I had enough experience and confidence to walk this path and to guide people.

In 2016 I followed the training for process therapist which I completed in 2017. During this training I met Quinne. Her approach and vision for Innerlijke-reis and working with Psilohuasca in a professional way resonates strongly with me.

In 2020 I did a auricular acupuncture course.

I am very grateful that I can walk this path together with Quinne and notice that together we create a very powerful energy.

I look forward meeting you at one of the intensive weekends or ceremonies at Innerlijke-reis.


My name is Esther. I have had several jobs.

After high school I had no clear idea of ​​what I wanted to do or become. For a while I worked in health care on different trips from office, warehouse, shop and then I decided to go and work for myself.

I opened a beauty studio, which I enjoyed doing for years. After a few years I returned to care, where I worked with people with intellectual disabilities and behavioral problems. The guiding thread was always working with people, helping and guiding people.

I started to delve deeper into spiritual and self-development. I followed some courses and workshops. Shamanism attracted me a lot and when I started to study it, Ayahuasca soon came my way.

Ayahuasca has awakened so much with me. So much became clear to me. I was able to let go of a lot, which didn’t belong to me anymore and doors opened for me again.

My life has changed enormously.

It soon became clear to me that I wanted to work with this beautiful medicine. And I also got this chance. In addition to my job at a webshop with Gemstones and Minerals, I can join this beautiful, enthusiastic, loving team at Innerlijke-reis.

I am very proud of how Quinne has set up Innerlijke-reis. Pure and down to earth.  No nonsense that suits me. It is so beautiful to see and hear what is coming out during the ceremonies.

I am very grateful to work with this beautifull medicine and I like to meet you at Innerlijke-reis.


My name is Iva, I am a psychologist and guide in group ceremonies at Innerlijke Reis, translated as ‘The Journey Within’. In addition, I offer individual psychological treatments as well as therapy sessions in combination with Psilohuasca ceremonies, with individual pre- and aftercare, before or after a Psilohuasca ceremony.

In 2010 I graduated at the University of Utrecht (Netherlands) in Clinical and Healthcare Psychology and have worked in the Netherlands as well as abroad at various psychological clinics. Working in different parts of the world has allowed me to work with a very broad client population, as well as clinical psychological disorders. I feel privileged and grateful to have experienced this. Working with trauma has been a theme throughout my work, however I have continuously worked with other psychological issues like depression, anxiety, addictions, etc. As a psychologist I adopt different evidence-based psychotherapy treatments, including CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy), Mindfulness, Schema Therapy, EMDR, etc.

Alongside to psychology I have another big passion in my life; yoga. I have completed three training programs in yoga teaching and yoga therapy (in the Netherlands, India and Thailand). Whenever desired or necessary, I use yoga techniques in therapy as well. For example, practicing a specific way of breathing to reduce anxiety or applying posture adjustments to improve a person’s affect.

In 2011 I had my first encounter with psychedelic substances and on a bicycling trip through Peru in 2013, I had my first encounter with the plant teacher Ayahuasca. Through these powerful experiences with the beautiful plant teachers I discovered firsthand how healing and therapeutic they are. I knew I had welcomed something very special in my life and longed to find a way to combine them with my work as a psychologist. In working together with Innerlijke Reis this dream has come true.

With a great passion I help in guiding group ceremonies, but also offer individual psychology sessions, as well as complete clinical psychology treatments. For example, when someone requires a session before or after a Psilohuasca ceremony. A ceremony can have many wonderful benefits, but at times it can be challenging and confronting. After a Psilohuasca ceremony, I can help you with the deep integration of insights and a better understanding of the issues you have encountered during your ceremony.

As mentioned before, I offer complete clinical psychology treatments, where we would combine several psychology sessions with one or more (individual) Psilohuasca ceremonies. This means we will be working together with Psilohuasca to resolve psychological difficulties. This combination could furthermore be an excellent solution for more complex issues like trauma, severe anxiety, depression or addictions of any kind.

I consider Psilohuasca and psychology to be a powerful and wonderful combination, and it would be my honor and pleasure to be your guide on your journey.


My name is Hawzin and it is my great pleasure to be one of the guides here at Innerlijke-Reis.

I had my first experience with Ayahuasca in 2017, which gave me incredible insights into my thinking, behavioral patterns and the overall beauty that is life. It was truly a life-changing experience and it marked the beginning of a journey to get closer to the core of my inner being. Since then I have attended many Ayahuasca ceremonies and have also worked with several other plant teachers such as psylocibine mushrooms and truffles.

In 2019, I traveled to Peru and visited the Pacha Mama temple where I participated in Ayahuasca ceremonies under the guidance of the shamans, who have worked with this plant medicine for many generations. I was able to experience how truly special and powerful this plant medicine is and what it can do for you.

I have a patient, calm and conscientious temperament, but have also fallen into some of the  pitfalls of life, such as perfectionism, having extremely high standards, being over-rational and analytical in my thinking and as a result I tended to push away my feelings seeing them as a weakness. Working with entheogens such as Ayahuasca and Psilohuasca has opened me up to a new path in my life in which I am less busy overthinking and rationalizing the world around me. I have gained an emotional confidence and stability whereby I can trust my intuition and allow myself to feel more.

I look forward to guiding you on your inner journey.




A journey within can help you connect with your inner wisdom, so you can go to the core of a problem. For example, in case of physical problems, drug addiction, depression, anxiety, bereavement and post-traumatic stress disorder. An Psilohuasca ceremony can help you face and solve problems enabling you to enjoy life.

A journey within can help with spiritual development, awareness and life issues. Should you want to know more about it, please contact us through 06 – 23 23 37 88 or visit the contact page.

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