Ayahuasca weekend Innerlijke-Reis

Innerlijke-reis regularly organizes Ayahuasca weekends.

In general, these weekends do have a theme.

Our experience is that a whole weekend together with the same group ensures a lot of deepening and connection and is also good for a lot of fun!


Two or three day ceremonies are always possible on all weekends when there are group ceremonies on the agenda.

You can then book several days together.

It is possible to stay for a couple of days at the location.


Friday 7 september until Sunday 9 september there will be an Ayahuasca intensive weekend.

This weekend will be organized on a beautiful location in Bellingwolde (Province Groningen). The weekend will start on Friday from 14:00 hours until Sunday 14:00 hours. Meals and sleep over are included with this weekend

During this weekend we will organize 2 Ayahuasca ceremonies, a Holotropic breathing session, rebirthing work or some other excersise depending on what is needed in the group. We will be working with other plant medicines also, during this weekend.

The next morning after the Ayahuasca ceremony we will have an group sharing to discuss and dive deeper into the experiences from the Ayahuasca ceremony. In this way we can optimize the results of the experience and help to integrate it in your lives.

We organize this weekend especially for experienced and new participants with Ayahuasca. And find this being together with a group of like-minded souls results in a deepening understanding and connection. Besides that, it is a lot of fun!

For more information please Contact us.

Guidance by Quinne en Erik

Musical Guidance by Raymond