Duo ceremony

When you want to experience a ceremony together with someone else such as your partner, a friend, a colleague or family, you can choose to make an appointment for a duo ceremony.
During the journey, you will be taken away by accompanying music and you will be supported by a loving, experienced guide. All guides of Innerlijke-reis have a therapeutic and/or nursing background. They are further familiar with spiritual and energetic work and have a lot of experience in life, in drinking Ayahuasca and in guiding Ayahuasca ceremonies. For more information about the ceremony, click here: Ayahuasca ceremony

Duo ceremonies can be held upon appointment from Monday up to and including Sunday from 9:00 o’clock to approximately 17:00 o’clock; other times can be discussed if desired. There are very limited possibilities during the weekends because of the group ceremonies held at that time. The duo ceremonies will be guided by Eva at the Innerlijke-reis location in Ede, and by Antoon at the location in Vierakker. Curious about the guides of Innerlijke-reis? Have a look here: Who are we

Please Contact us if you want to make an appointment for a duo ceremony.

The picture shows the view from the Innerlijke-reis location in Vierakker.


A journey within can help you connect with your inner wisdom, so you can go to the core of a problem. For example, in case of physical problems, drug addiction, depression, anxiety, bereavement and post-traumatic stress disorder. An Ayahuasca ceremony can help you face and solve problems enabling you to enjoy life.

A journey within can help with spiritual development, awareness and life issues. Should you want to know more about it, please contact us through 06 – 23 23 37 88 or visit the contact page.

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