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Dear Innerlijke-reis family,I just wanted to say thank you so much for the experience on the previous weekend. Although it was challenging at times for me with it being my first experience with pyschedlics, I feel like I have grown so much in such a short amount of time and I am so grateful for all of it. All my intentions for the sessions were fulfilled and I just feel this deep peace and gratitude for everything. I saw and experienced so many beautiful majestic things that I can now go back to and think about all the time. My experience would have been totally different if it weren’t for all of your kindness and loving guidance, I especially appreciate how you sat with me, held my hand and knew that comfort and grounding was an important part of feeling safe in the experience for me. Also, Aaron enjoyed it too and wanted to say he liked the devi praya song (I think that’s what he referred to it as?) and lastly thank you so much for beautiful doggy (I don’t know how to spell her name sorry!) who made the experience so positive for me too.Much love and peace,A. (from Australia) xx


Hi dear Eva & Ester & Anton,

I wanted to thank you once more for the amazing ceremony on Saturday.

Although I struggled very much with my ego and physical discomfort, it has since then turned out to be unbelievable experience. I know my ego and body got in between and I accepted it, for the first time good enough I said to myself.

The integration process since then has been so full of revelations and I only now discover how much happened beyond the amazing visuals. Even this morning when meditating I felt like I was an open channel and I got information downloaded like never before. Beautiful altogether. Even if I hated physically the ceremony, I will for sure be back.

In your presence and guidance I felt ultimately safe and comfortable. The space, the atmosphere, the energy, everything you provided makes just want to thank you once more and send you my regards full of love and warmth.

See you soon! Namaste!

Best regards,



Hello, Quinne, I wanted to share my experiences with you about the past ceramoni. During the ceremony, I felt the energy of the shamans intensely and their healing energies. I sensed my body, especially my chakras. Throughout the ceremony, I accompanied the Shaman’s Icaros and sang together with them. I felt like I was creating and healing with sound. I think it was something I’ve done in my past lives. Before at the end of the ceremony I sent healing energy to myself, to some of my past lives, everyone participated to the ceremony and the Mother Earth. Last night I saw maestros again giving me healing. They told me to eat orange fruit and vegetables. Mama Rosa told me that my name was shipibo grande. I hope this deep and fascinating experience continues with me. Maybe in another Ayahuasca ceremony, perhaps in peru, will make this even more powerful.

I’m very happy to meet you, Erik, Fleur and maestros and hope we can meet again soon.

Thank you so much.


28-11-2018My weekend with Quinne and the Innerlijke-Reis team was my first time taking Ayahuasca and I am extremely grateful to have found such a wonderful and caring group of people to guide me through my first ceremonies. I had felt a strong calling to attend the ceremony, and this “calling” was something stronger than I had experienced before. As I am not someone you would call particularly spiritual this in itself was quite a strange experience for me and I arrived at the retreat nervous (to say the least) about what lay ahead!Ayahuasca is such an intense experience it is so important to have the guidance of a responsible and caring group, and this is what you will find lead by Quinne and Erik. The bond created with the other members of the group is something special, and the whole experience has put me on a path to exploring a completely different way of understanding myself and the world around me. I’m looking forward to returning again next year!FM, Scotland.


Hi EvaI made it home safely last night – I’ve been pondering my experience the whole day and all of last night. I am so grateful for the experience, thank you so much for creating such a safe space for all of us and truly being our guide.It was better than I could have ever anticipated! I didn’t share this in the group but I learned my purpose in life (to share knowledge) and I learned how I can be happy in this lifetime (by releasing judgement). I also saw one of my past lives as part of an African American family set in what I think was the 1950’s, my very first vision of my journey was observing this life at a birthday party. I don’t know who I was/what gender but I knew it was my family. I learned on our (many) walks to the bathroom that I can take my time when I do things, and that I rush so much to appease people when it’s all just my own judgement.I saw honeybees literally my entire journey which represented life and my Mom who is no longer in the physical world. The whole experience was beyond amazing. After so much struggle of letting go, I finally got past my fear and the dragons and video game visions stopped haha, words just can’t describe it.I learned so much more but now it’s just a process today of reflecting and going back and reliving the visions and remembering new things each time.I didn’t actually remember that I had a vision of my past life in the 1950s until this afternoon. I’m excited for what else I remember over these next days and weeks.I will be back for another journey when it’s time to go deeper, thank you for everything.Also a question for you – the song Playlist that you had playing on shuffle. Would that playlist happen to be on Spotify? If so, can you please tell me what the playlist is called? I can follow it and listen from my own Spotify account!Thank you again – you have helped me give myself the most beautiful gift!Best,Harmony

4 augustus 2018

Dear Quinne,Hope you are good.I am writing to say big thanks for such a warm welcome on 31st if August from you and your amazing team. I am really thankful that I had a chance to experience my first ceremony with you guys. Everything was perfect, could not ask any better.Take care and much love to you.Greetings,Paula

27-8-2018Dear Quinne and Eva!Thank you once again for the 2 days and for your care. You both had a little bit the feeling that you weren’t there for me because I was so deep in my journey, but you were there a lot for me! You let me have such deep journey in total safety and you helped we a lot when I needed help to get back and move a bit. I had a very, very beautiful and important experience, it was all I hoped for. ❤️🙏 Lots of very important insights and changes in the body level, my heart chakra is so much more open and the absolute peace and egolesness that Ayahuasca brings have been changing my cells; this is what I need to connect to in my daily life. I seem to react very strongly, but it really transforms me and I’m so grateful!Eva’s dog truly was amazing with her timing on Saturday, and so was thunder!! Two miraculous timing happened and it’s soooo beautiful. 💖✨The music was beautiful on both days, thank you! 🌟 I love the variety of the peaceful, soulful music that I mostly listen to, and powerful music. On Saturday, towards the end of the day when I was already getting a bit more ‘back’ there were couple songs that I would LOVE to know. IF I’m able to explain… both of the songs I’m were mantras, but very powerfully played. In the first one there was a lot of clapping with hands as back ground music and woman singing powerfully and powerful energy? Is this anyhow enough to even guess what it could be? 😅 And the other one is a similar, but a man is singing and it’s a powerful mantra with deep Earth sounds (like aboriginal ‘throat sounds’) and again very powerful music. ? In case you even give me a hint what it could be and where to look further? It was opening certain parts of me strongly and I feel it would help me here and then in my integration to tap into that energy?In any case, thank you and much love!! 😙💕N.

Dear Quinne,
My first journey…….. who would have thought it. I never really liked the sound of it until my dear mother passed away on 14 July 2015. Then the feeling grew to visit an Ayahuasca ceremony. I did take me some time until I was finally ready for it just recently.

Thanks to the major trust I have in you, I was able to start “my journey” in full serenity because “I am in good hands”. And what a journey it was ……. phew, I am still thinking about it all the time because I got what I was looking for, with all the beautiful messages made clear to me through you. It was colourful, loving, warm, special, and also feisty. I have gained an extraordinary experience and all of that because you made me feel the serenity, warmth, trust and love. This has helped me enormously in my process of bereavement.

Thank you sweetheart, that I was able to experience this because of you. I am extremely proud of you and the work you do with so much love, knowledge and conviction. I will gladly visit you to make another journey.

Lots of love and hugs, Tanja


Hi Quinne,

I attended an Ayahuasca ceremony on 15 October. One of my intentions was to get rid of my feelings of depression.

It was a hard journey, but it has been truly worthwhile.

I have undergone an enormous change.

I no longer hear those voices in my head that disapproved of me 24 hours per day and kept me in a strict and tight harness. They are still there sometimes, but I no longer act upon them. I sometimes even have to laugh about it.

This was unimaginable prior to the ceremony.

The disapproving voices were integrated in me like a careful pattern/network. Looking back on it now, if this pattern/network was compromised by methods such as, for example, therapy, meditation or pills, it feels as if the pattern was actually nurtured by them instead of reduced. Which does not mean I want to give the impression that these methods would not be good.

Mother Ayahuasca has ensured, for me, that the network was destroyed. The loose, shrivelled ends still whine a bit sometimes, but are no longer paid attention to.

When those feelings of depression and disapproval no longer exist, it becomes lighter, both literally and figuratively speaking. I have a lot more energy. I ponder and think 99% less.

This means that a gigantic burden has been lifted from my mind. And should a disapproving voice still appear, it will be countered by a voice that says ‘everything is alright’. Really a complete liberation. I started to write down everything shortly after the 15th. Also something that was unimaginable in the past. People used to say to me sometimes: ‘Try to write it all down.’ But I always already failed writing the first sentence. Voices correcting me: ‘no, you are not saying it accurate enough and it does not cover the issue when you write it down like that, blah, blah, blah,…’ A vicious circle of negative comments.

This is only a tip of the iceberg on insights I have gained since 15 October.

I would gladly like to participate in a ceremony again.

Hopefully I will be able to on Saturday 19 November. After 15 October, a door has opened for me which resulted in me arriving in a new, fresh space. I have the feeling that many doors can still be opened which will provide me even more insights in myself.

Oh yes, just a question. On the 15th, you said you have a document stating the things you can do against depression. Could you please send me that document? Thanks in advance.

Kind regards,


Dear Quinne,

It has already been almost a month ago since I came to you for the ceremony. Unbelievable how much I have learned and seen again…. I am so grateful, although it was even more fierce and intense. Quite some black moments that startled me and which made me sad. It was nice of you to come and help me at the end, when I kept on fighting. Because of your questions and answers I was able to put into context what Mother Ayahuasca wanted to show me but which was very painful at the same time. Thanks for that and for your patience. I really needed it at that time.

These are certainly insights that help me further, give me strength and are an explanation for many patterns, fears, behaviour and relationships. Yet, this does not describe enough how special it is to experience this wisdom at Innerlijke-reis. So much understanding and love from you, but also from the other participants. It gave me such a safe feeling.

It is also beautiful to experience that a second inner journey is completely different… well… me and my expectations…. those came out totally different. Fortunately, no way out, but I saw in all honesty the way in which I have been avoiding my sorrow for many years, what I should do with it now and the unnoticed influence it has actually always had. Very confrontational for a control freak like me….

The days and weeks after the ceremony it also became clear to me how I can start the processing process. Step by step, as that was also an important insight: there is time. And that gives me peace of mind. And I truly want to work on it so badly …because I have really seen during the journey that the dark road inwards first has to be conquered, for that is the only way to reach my source. The fear I had for the confrontation with my sorrow has also become a lot less. An indescribable feeling of freedom!

Until the next time, when it is time…

See you then,
Lots of love, Anouk


Dear Quinne,

I want to thank you once again.

Such a beautiful experience and so different from what I was used to with the Daime.

I felt so much softness with you, such an amazing divine energy, nothing pressuring or anything like that.
Also the fact that you came to see me when I came back to the ‘here and now’ and you talked to me. Thank you Quinne, thank you.

It was great that you really made contact with me, it felt extremely good. And as soon as I have some extra money, I will certainly visit again because I believe that coming to you and work on my issues together with the Ayahuasca would be really good for me. See you soon.

It felt so good that you saw who I am and also made contact with that person.

Have a great day!!!



An inner journey is exactly what it is.

The Ayahuasca experiences with Quinne and Ayahuasca give me so much. Among other things, it provides the possibility for me to reach places that have been hidden very deep. Pain, sorrow, the things that have been too difficult to experience, are now presented to me in bits and pieces. I am capable to feel it and let it go as a result.

I teach yoga myself and practice my rituals every day. This makes the journey for me an enormous addition to what my deepest wish is. Being as pure as possible so I can be who I need to be in this life, in connection with nature, my strength. Apart from letting things go, I also notice that I gain insight in the things that are important to me now. Insight in mental constructions and habits that no longer serve me, but also what I am able to create using my qualities.

I am grateful to Quinne. She offers a safe environment, she lets me experience my process with respect and trust and offers contexts when necessary. I gladly feel nature during the journey and move from a deep feeling. She lets everything that is going on at that moment happen under a watchful eye so I can surrender myself while being safe. Unbelievable what these Ayahuasca experiences do for me. Grateful, very grateful! Also for Quinne’s sense of humour :-)) as that is necessary while dealing with everything surfacing.

Love, Ingeborg


Dear Quinne,

I think it is a very beautiful and nice experience to participate in. The first week I have had a lot of energy and new insights, I also wake up every day now feeling fresh and full of positive energy. It has been a change in my life, things have become so much more clear to me, especially when I had a psychosis which didn’t feel like that to me. I have so much to say about it but I don’t know where to start. I now rely on my feelings more which brings me to beautiful things.

I am very happy I was able to do this at Innerlijke-reis. I want to thank you and the coaches for the warm welcome, the great care and the delicious meal after the ceremony. Thank you.

Could you please send me a few of the titles or artists of the music played during the ceremony?

Sunny greetings, Boy


Good evening dear Quinne,

How much I enjoyed the Ayahuasca ceremony last Saturday.

A beautiful journey to my deepest core, during which I have gained many insights.

It was so wonderful to discover that I felt like I had to vomit tremendously. I did not succeed at all, which made me realise that I also controlled that and internally said that I really wanted to get rid of that feeling of control………. It took a while and suddenly I felt that everything came out, whereby I saw images of dragons and monsters that I threw up. After which I looked in the bucket (which I embraced fervently at that moment) and saw to my surprise that the bucket was entirely empty. “Nothing”?, I thought puzzled and at the same time I realised that this is my pattern. At that time, I heard the word “illusion” in the music and I understood that I make things bigger than they actually are. Letting go and accept what is there; that sentence kept repeating itself.

In the meantime, I still saw very beautiful images of kaleidoscopes, with such beautiful and intense colours, alternated with violet and white light.

My 3rd eye felt extremely present and “almost” hurt (this lasted until the next morning).

I have seen the “light”, am reborn, had an initiation and felt complete silence.

Now, 3 days later, I can only say that I have never felt this much serenity in my head.

I feel calm and peaceful, accept that I can also sit down and don’t have to do anything for a while.

At the same time, I also feel extremely clear.

An enormous ‘thank you’ to Eva and to you for the fantastic guidance; I really felt supported.

Somehow I feel that I am allowed to participate again. I don’t know when and that is okay.

Kind greetings, Rianne


Dear Quinne,

I am reborn. I am so grateful to you that I was allowed to receive this gift. I feel so much peace and happiness, it almost makes me cry. I am liberated from the yoke that rested on my shoulders. I am so thankful. You are angels. Thank you Ayahuasca and I will see you next time.

Dear greetings


Good morning Quinne,

I have landed again :). I have floated around for a while and eventually fell asleep. It was such a special experience. I enter life as a new person!

I really wanted to thank you for your great care. That has helped me enormously!

I hope you will be able to guide many more people.




Dear special Quinne,

I took a Journey with you yesterday at the location in Vierakker. Walk in and immediately feel at home; what an amazing warm welcome. It was nice with everyone arriving, a cup of tea and a chat.

Then you presented a clear picture on how the day was roughly going to look like…. Well, haha, that is unpredictable. What a day and what an experience. I have made a journey in the present but also in my distant past. Walked numerous ways and mountains, beautiful ones but also very difficult ones. It has brought and shown me a lot. I had not yet become acquainted with the Ayahuasca in this way. My experiences in church were great but this goes a lot further.

I am very glad that I took this path with your inspirational dedication. A word of thanks also goes to Eva and Anton for your help during all the processes, and especially also for the love you provided. Finally, the group; all strangers to me but I had a good time with you all.

Dear Quinne, I think this is my path and I gladly continue on it.



Dear special Quinne,

What a special, beautiful, unique and loving weekend I was allowed to experience.
I am so grateful for this experience.

You truly are a star and really provided some colour to my life again.
I can never thank you enough for that sweetheart.

You still had some tips and tops for me (cards I could rub across my hand).
Music ” Mantras, etc. I really found a new direction and it feels great.

When do you think it would be wise to attend another ceremony again?

I am not nearly there yet but I haven’t felt like this in years and it feels amazing.

I hope to see you, and of course Eva and Antoon, again soon.

Love and a big x, Jiska

-Love and waves of consciousness… But first I’ll be needing your head in a bucket…-
My first Ayahuasca experience:
We gathered with 12 people and three Ayuachqueras at 10am in a truly lovely setting, introduced each other to one and other and were told what we could aspect while we drank a cup of tea.
Afterwards we could freshen up and change in comfortable (white) clothes.
At 10.45am we continued to the ceremony room and picked our bed and gathered in a circle while we made a prayer to Mama Ayahuasca.
Then, one by one, we drank the monoamine oxidase inhibitor, lit a candle and set our intentions.
Mine were:*To live a healthier life*If my vision of my creative path was the right one
After everyone’s intentions were set, again one by one and in ritualistic form, we went for our cup of Psychotria Viridis containing dimethyltryptamine, quite a foul, bitter taste that was, and lay down on our bed.
The medicine could take up to 45 minutes to work, but slowly I could feel my energy starting to vibrate at a higher level.I had an internal dialogue with myself accompanied by some weird visual images. Some funny, some geometrical shapes, and some very weird.
I had my eyes closed most of the time throughout the ceremony.
This took a while, although my sense of time began to disappear, and I thought, man this is going nowhere.
A little while later I got the notion that I might need another cup if I wanted the medicine to take hold of me, but I was reluctant.Until one of the Ayaushqueras sat right in front of me as I sat up out of nowhere, and she asked herself if I wanted another cup. I was still reluctant, so I said ‘no thanks’, and just layed down again.
After that I opened my eyes as I seemingly heard chaos unfold around me.Crying, vomiting, weird noises.I thought things were getting out of control.
But the internal dialogue continued and I had about enough of it, I raised my arm and asked for another cup, got it a little later, again that foul bitter taste, and layed down.
I felt something on my arm, like an ant moving on it, but as I started to feel that sensation everywhere on my body I figured it was the medicine doing it’s thing.
And sure after a while things were getting weirder and more bizzar and the visuals I had began to take on a weight I couldn’t possibly bare.
The music in the ceremony room also got more and more intense like a giant wave andI saw myself in a golden-like room, facedown on the floor in many different perspectives entangled in heaps of human flesh and eyes sticking out of it.I wanted it to stop, this wasn’t what I signed up for.It just was too much, way too heavy. I just wanted to get some sleep, to be left alone.
This was Mama Ayahuasca trying to let me give in to her. I couldn’t. I wouldn”t.
I could sense her energy trying to get a hold of me, I was fighting her, a battle I couldn’t possibly ever win.The music grew silent, and then it happened.The visuals, they grew continuously stronger and I had to let go.
This was when I died, multiple times, and she rose my arm, made me ask for a bucket, and she put my head straight into it.
I was finally giving in, I was vomiting, coughing, blowing my nose, all kinds of different things were being purged.
This was ego death, I knew it, I was perfectly aware of it, and it was glorious.It was victory, I was being cleansed.
All the negativity, in all it’s form just came out.Although time didn’t exist anymore, I guess this all took a while, and then I laughed, I smiled, probably also with some sort of grin.
I was at peace with whatever would happen next, and I can’t even possibly begin to describe just what happened, because there aren’t any words in any language for it.
*Somewhere in between all off this I needed to take a piss. Along my stumbling way one of the Ayaushqueras was waiting to give me a hug first before she guided me to the toilet, she asked me how I was doing, and I said it felt great to have totally no control.She laughed.*
The music started again, slowly building up, and she wanted to show and teach me a multitude of things and my attention wasn’t up to the speed she was going at.Although off course, some of those teachings do stick now, it’s going to take some time to let it sink, to comprehend.
But I’ll still tell you some things I felt, what I knew I was being shown.I saw creation, how the universe works (well, kind of), enormous love and above all what it really is to be humble.
Humble for life, in all it’s glorious shape and form, in everything everywhere around us, above us and beneath us. Everything.
While this was happening she also spoke to me, that my creative path was the right thing to do, she liked it.She even said that Leif persona you created, he does know something. And I got very emotional.
She also showed me I had control issues, something I wasn’t aware of.
Funny thing was, when I was at the point of being back on Earth, back in the ceremony room, and sitting on my knees trying to figure out how to move, I needed to take back that control again.
It was the most beautiful and meaningful experience I ever had, and I’m sure I will stay forever humbled.