Innerlijke-reis and Ayahuasca

Innerlijke-reis has decided to stop organizing Ayahuasca ceremonies and has switched to Psilohuasca ceremonies.The reason for this is: Since October 1  2019,  there is no longer any uncertainty regarding the legality of Ayahuasca in The Netherlands.

The use and possession of Ayahuasca is punishable, and Innerlijke-reis does not want to take part in any risk both for ourselves and especially for our participants. We simply cannot guarantee a safe set and setting working with the Ayahuasca anymore.

We will continue our Ayahuasca journeys to the Pachamama Temple from Peru. We are also working on other locations in Europe. Keep an eye on our website for this.

Fortunately, with the Psilohuasca a legal and powerfull alternative to Ayahuasca is available. Our participants acknowledge this.

Look here for Psilohuasca experiences from our participants.

For more information about the Psilohuasca click here.

If you want to participate in a Psilohuasca ceremony, look at the available dates in our agenda.

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