Integration, Aftercare

Our team will be happy to assist you, even after the ceremony. The contact usually takes place via email or if desired by telephone, there are no costs associated with this aftercare. Because of our extensive experience in supervising ceremonies, using entheogenes ourselves and various training courses that we have followed, we can usually help you in this contact to understand what has passed during the ceremony, to provide insight and to listen.

At the same time, we cannot spend our available time endlessly on this. If you need more support after a ceremony, we can arrange a specific aftercare process depending on the situation. A fee is charged for this depending on the route of your choice.

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Innerlijke-reis provides an integration meeting once a month on Wednesday afternoon. These are open to anyone who needs to share the experience after a Psilohuasca ceremony, and may need some help integrating the experience. We will also go deeper into the experience during this afternoon if desired. Furthermore, it can be pleasant to be together with like-minded people. In daily life it is sometimes difficult to talk about your experience with others.

For dates see agenda on this website.

You can register for this meeting via: