Kambo Experiences

Here are some Kambo experiences from participants, most of them are translated from Dutch language.


Hello dear Quinne,

Several days in a row I intend to write an e-mail, but the processes I am in do not stop. (The day before yesterday I did a nice Liver cleansing with a yield of about twenty released stones.)

It is difficult for me to isolate which changes can now only be attributed to the Kambo. Below I do my best.

During the experience itself, it was energetically busy: My body felt very warm and especially from the center of my body: navel as a start, and then more in an inverted pyramid shape upwards to the heart, over the entire width of my shoulders, and throat and head. It did not really feel like vomiting, but rather like flushing from a starting point that I could not feel, but felt from the throat and mouth.

Top how you motivated me to drink, that softness but determination and especially the smile made me realize at some point that additional water was needed. Thank you.

I did not eat the apple completely because it felt “hard / sour”. Possibly the cause is not the apple itself, I personally like to eat sweeter apples. When walking outside and for at least an hour afterwards during the car ride, I clearly had my right hemisphere that felt expanded (possibly astral body that expanded at that location or became more palpable). Effects since the Kambo, continuing until now: Remarkably less urge for dairy products and cookies. Discipline no longer needed and no emotional, mental, physical loss. Concentrating while studying is a lot easier and I also have a natural desire to focus on “things to do”. I see through a lot faster the intentions behind stories that people come knocking on. So, in the style of “bring it on”,

I would like to plan a new session with you and the frog on one of the following days. Preferably as early as possible in the day: Wed 15/1 Wed 22/1

With all Love and best wishes (insofar as Time is relevant) to the entire Innerlijke-reis Team,




I had booked a Kambo session with Inner journey.

I was kindly received by Quinne who would give me the treatment. I felt familiar with her as if I had known her for years.

Because I found it rather exciting, she took all the time to prepare and inform me well. I got 3 dots and almost immediately afterwards it felt like I had a severe flu. But I also noticed that this did me good. Pretty soon I vomited and that gave me a lot of relief. Quinne sang a nice song for me and played nice music. With about 1; 5 hours I was able to go home fresh and energetic.

Thank you Quinne for your concern and maybe I will come to you again.


January 8, 2020

Good morning, Quinne

Thank you for the very nice afternoon yesterday. The Kambo is doing so well in my body, feel that Kambo 🐸 is still working and I feel that way right now👍.

Go and see when my agenda has room for a ceremony, for Kambo 🐸 (possibly 3 * 3) and .. I wish you a nice day and thank you,

Heart greetings ❤️ Johan



Hello Quinne,

I am fine:-). I was very tired yesterday after the treatment, I was very happy that I didn’t have to drive myself.

Also coming home first slept on the couch! I now realize again that it is so beneficial to feel the pure pain. I think that’s what I’ve been given, facing the pain and looking into the eyes. Not to rationalize away … just as we tend to do in daily life. My womb, my hara area where I am not always present and where a lot is stored.

I also thought it was an intense experience. I am grateful for entering into and having faith in the process. Thank you for your loving, calm and trusted guidance.

Warm heart greetings,