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Upon registration you will receive a preparation form and an answer form. This allows us to see if there are possible contraindications for participation in treatment.

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Before the ceremony

We ask you not to use alcohol or drugs 24 hours before treatment, and only to consume light meals. This out of respect for the frog but also for yourself in order to be able to receive the Kambo as openly and consciously as possible.

8 to 10 hours before treatment, you may no longer eat so you have an empty stomach for treatment.

On arrival we start with a consultation in which we look at what you want to achieve with the Kambo treatment and what treatment fits. During this consultation we look at physical and mental complaints you would like to work with the Kambo. Because Kambo works at more levels, it’s good to think about this for your treatment. Look at what you want to let go and heal. During the consultation we can look at this together and can support you by asking in-depth questions.

During this consultation I will give tips on how to receive the Kambo, which can help you in the process.

If you are familiar with Kambo, and with me, then a chakra, meridians or ear treatment is also possible. Recently i followed a course for auricular acupuncture. 

Treatment start

We apply Kambo into small burn wounds we make in the skin. These burns are made with a glowing stick and make sure that we can remove the upper skin in those places so that the Kambo can access the lymph system and do his job there. Burning the holes can be a little painful.

Traditionally, the holes in the women are made on their right lower leg and in men on their left upper arm, other places can be discussed. We always discuss how many dots we are going to put, this will be between 3 and 5 for a first treatment. After that, you may need a little more depending on the number of points in your previous treatment and the time that has been in between.

Basic treatment

When you’re not familiar with Kambo you will receive a Kambo basic treatment  where we start with a test point. A test point is a safe way to understand how your reaction to the Kambo is or your body does not react extremely to the Kambo. In rare cases, for example, swelling of the neck can occur which can make breathing difficult. This test point is in line with the I.A.K.P. safety protocols.

The Kambo session itself

15 minutes before the Kambo is applied you start drinking water.

When the Kambo is applied, you will soon notice that your heart is going to beat faster, you get warm, you get a pressing feeling in your head, your skin becomes more red and possibly get other physical discomfort. You can feel nauseous and start vomiting, sweating excessively or urgently having to go to the bathroom. Emotional reactions such as crying are also regular. Almost everyone experiences Kambo as physically very intense.

During treatment, I will encourage you to drink water.  There will be work with sage to help you with the purge and there will be music to support you in your process. If necessary, rapé can be worked with during the treatment. The entire process will take between 20-40 minutes. During the treatment, I’ll leave you as much as possible in your own process. I’m here to guard security and the treatment process. Furthermore, I am there to give you space for your own process, without judgment, without wanting to influence your process so that you can stay in your own power.

After treatment

At the end of the treatment there is time to rest, ask questions or share experiences. The holes will be treated and you will get advice on how to take care of it.

After that there is the opportunity to eat and drink and we say goodbye. It may be that after the ceremony you are buzzing with energy but you may also be very tired after the ceremony. My advice is not to plan any further activities on the day of the ceremony.

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For more information or sign up for a Kambo ceremony,  please send an email to: or use the contact form.

Look for possible dates for a Kambo treatment in the agenda on this website. Other dates are possible, please contact us for options.

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