Preparations for Kambo

It is wise to prepare well for a Kambo treatment. You will receive preparation information upon request and upon registration. On request and upon registration you will receive an extensive list of dietary and health information. You will also receive an answer form with questions to see whether you can safely receive part of Kambo. When in doubt, we will always ask for advice.

You need to prepare for a Kambo ceremony. Follow the preparation steps below:

  1. 24 hours before treatment no alcohol or drug use, and only eat light meals. This out of respect for the frog but also for yourself in order to be able to receive the Kambo as openly and consciously as possible.
  2. Eight to ten hours before the start of the treatment you cannot eat. You can still drink water and herbal tea but not more than necessary.
  3. Just before treatment begins, I’ll ask you to drink 1 1/2 to 2 liters of water. This eases the purging and expells the toxins out of your body easier. Drink no more than necessary before the ceremony starts.
  4. Wear easy loose-fitting clothing for the ceremony. It is wise to bring an extra set of clothes.

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Basic treatment

People who have no experience with Kambo or with me yet, receive a basic treatment of 3-9 points. According to tradition, men receive the Kambo on the left upper arm and women on their right under ankle. Anyone who receives Kambo for the first time will receive a test point for treatment to test for sensitivity to Kambo.

Targeted treatment:

Targeted treatments focus on a specific intent. In advance of the treatment we have a consultation to determine which areas you want to work in. The items can be administered on chakras (Ayurvedic medicine), meridians (traditional Chinese medicine) or ears (auricular Kambo).

Layered treatment:

This treatment is recommended when you are weakened or sick, or having fear of the kambo treatment.

This treatment can make the experience less intense, but usually lasts longer.

From Caboclo tribe:

The Caboclo tribe recommends three treatments within a lunar cycle (1 month) that boosts the immune system.

3×3 treatment:

3 sessions within 3 hours. Can greatly support you when you have to make important decisions or process a big emotional or physical block.

Intensive treatment:

For the treatment of chronic, acute or serious physical and emotional disorders and also for those who want to go deeper with their healing. This requires multiple personalized  treatments in a short period of time.

For more information or sign up for a Kambo ceremony,  please send an email to: or use the contact form.

Look for possible dates for a Kambo treatment in the agenda on this website. Other dates are possible, please contact us for options.

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