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This page shows an overview of Psilohuasca experiences. Do you want to know whether an Psilohuasca ceremony is something you would enjoy, what it gains and do you want to know how other people experienced it? Read the Psilohuasca experiences below. Some of the experiences are translated from Dutch to Englisch.

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Hello people from innerlijke reis,

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the journey with you guys. I had such a great time and when I read my notes I’m so grateful. Actually starting to tear up just by writing this.
You’re doing something really important for mankind. You’re awesome!
All the best


Dear Esther, dear Karin, dear Hawzin,

A week has passed since the ceremony and I just wanted to write to thank you all.
Last Saturday I couldn’t really communicate, I was overwhelmed by what has been without any doubt, and completely unexpected, the most significant, powerful and positive experience of my life.
I was crying just because my body could not contain the mesmerizing feelings I was feeling. I know you must be used to it, but still I later felt a bit rude, cause I just stayed outside by myself for so long and didn’t really share anything. The words to describe it have not been invented yet.
Being welcomed, guided, taken care of by you has been magnificent.
I am sure I will see you again, I hope it will be soon.
I definitely want to go even deeper in this.
Thank you for being, thank you for doing what you do.
With deep gratefulness,


Dear Eva & Esther,
dear Innerlijke Reis,
i would like to thank you for the ceremony last weekend. I got so much insights and found a piece of inner peace in me. The Experience was quite different in comparison with the experiences i had. I never expected such a powerful energy. It helped me to let things come up on the surface.
I think i know better than before from where the feelings came from, which are so painful to me. Of course it stil hurts but now i can seperate a lot and understand it better. That makes a huge difference for me. It’s simpler to class things, so i know where i m going through. I also learned so much about me and at least that i want to be a mum and won’t struggle furthermore with this question i had in my relationship. It’s difficult to find the right words, but i can assure you that i took so much from this ceremony.
You both made this so safe and warm for us, i realy appreciate this and whish you all the best.
That was really a great experience to me.
Dear greetings


Hi Quinne,
Just wanted to say a big Thank You. I enjoyed the ceremonie a lot.
It was beautifully organised, the music was greatly attuned to the moment.
Also big thanks for switching to English only for me. I felt a bit ashamed at the beginning for that, but then everyone else was also very welcoming & accepting.
I felt the ceremonie unblocked many things inside me, and I hope to continue this road now, a little step at the time.
Definitely would like to participate again in the future.
Thanks again!


I cant thank you enough, there are no words to express how grateful (grapeful) I am. You took so good care of me, you could feel i needed deep healing and offered me the tools to find my answer. This is by far the most healing experience I have ever had. Thank you. I will let you know tomorrow if I’m a holland temporarily resident or not.

Thank you for your wisdom,

Can I ask you to please share the song you showed me in the end? I would love to hear it again


Hi Quinne,

Well what a start to the year say my 2nd psilohuasca ceremony last Friday January 3rd and it was largely about fear. Unconscious, repressed, shouted fear, submerged. And in particular about its release. As you know I have a turbulent background and during my childhood and adolescence (after I now understand even better) a lot of fear got stuck in my body. I was very anxious at the start of the ceremony, felt very cold inside (very shivering) and jerky on my chest. Not very nice at the time but all the better when I started to understand what was happening.

The fear that still stubbornly tries to hold on to me and manifests itself in my case by quickly becoming suspicious and suspicious and which I was still unaware of until now, wanted to be heard and felt. I have already got a lot in place with the support of Ayahuasca and now it was time for the stuck fear. Only now do I understand the statement “everything comes from love or from fear” well I felt it and that was very intense but the space that I immediately got in return was even more intense. I was shown that I can choose between light or dark and could practice with my thoughts. And that the fear wants you to think negatively so that it can stay comfortable, because it also feels a kind of existence after so many years and therefore wants to stay.

Do you remember my very first ceremony when I said “I have to go to the light”? It now seems as if something has ‘gone’ about all this. I have also experienced a healing concerning my father and son relationship that has never been there. That is now also in order, at least a whole lot the good side at the ceremony is only a few days ago … I was also in a beautiful decorated chapel where I solemnly accepted aging, I went through a lot of life phases in a relatively short period that I all had to live through because my development had stood still due to addiction. With the support of Ayahuasca and now Psilohuasca that has gone streamlined .. THANK YOU! plants and truffles. I also felt a deep love for my family, surrendered, laughed and cried and got the feeling “it is just right”. I had an insight into why I was so annoyed with Christmas when I saw my father-in-law and my brother so cozy together, that requires no further explanation, I think, and the emphatic tip that I should practice more on my didgeridoo and that that would be good for my brains?!? With time a solution will be found…

I also got the tip to stop drinking coffee so that the “line” up is even purer. What is also clearly present now is the space between events and my reaction to it, which is related to the release of fear and that feels very liberating. All in all a top ceremony!

And dear Quinne thank you for the support prior to the ceremony, you are a sweetheart !!

Lots of love!




Hi Eva & Iva,

I had already let it know once but through this way I once again expressed my gratitude for what I was allowed to experience during last Friday’s ceremony.

What an experience, I feel so much richer. The last few days I have felt, processed and tried to think about integration. A nice puzzle, if you still have general tips, they are very welcome. I keep it in mind that I might make a personal appointment for aftercare.

Finally, in the middle of the ceremony you played a song that I would really like to listen to again. It was a penetrating male voice that tells a story in English during a long song. It touched me very much. Could you tell me the name of this song and the “artist”?

Thanks in advance! And a nice new year to you both





Hello Quinne,

I wanted to thank you very much for the wonderful Psilohuasca experience from Friday 22-11 this. You had already noticed, but I needed some time to give everything a place. Emotionally, I have also been to many places. The journey has really had a super positive effect on me and therefore on my environment. I look a lot more positively at others and can enjoy everything around me again. People around me see it too, but cannot explain what it is. I seem to shine. I have decided to pay better attention to my diet. I no longer eat meat. Do not drink sugar and have no trouble leaving unhealthy things. My medication (dexamfetamine) has been halved. I can concentrate better and the most important thing. I feel fit again.

Would you also like to pass this on to the other supervisors and also thank them very much. It really helped me a lot.

Kind regards,




Psilohuasca vs Ayahuasca. UNBELIEVABLE!!

I was so afraid that the Psilohuasca would not give me what the Ayahuasca did for me. I have now completed 35 Ayahuasca ceremonies and am fully in my process. So the fear of a weak extract from the Ayahuasca was great. I had my 2nd and 3rd Psilohuasca ceremony last weekend. WOW !!! I have never had so many clear insights. How deep I went. Do not ask me what is different between the Ayahuasca and the Psilohuasca because I cannot explain that. But it is different but you come to the same required insights and topics. During my process I have now been to various organizations.

But innerlijke-reis is really next level in terms of guidance. In particular, the larger organizations leave knowledge there. Because there is so much time spent on courses, self-development, experiencing ceremonies, etc. etc. by the supervisors.

In my eyes it is essential that the supervisors have a lot of experience. I have been to organizations where the ceremony leader has only experienced 12 ceremonies themselves and then you really do not know what it is about. And at large organizations so many work that you can’t get it done because there just aren’t that many people with that knowledge and experience. With innerlijke-reis they can let you go deeper during the ceremony by asking the right questions. They understand where you stand during the ceremony through their own experiences and knowledge.

It has become my trusted home base … happy.

Love, C.


Hey Quinne,

Hopefully you’ll be fine. I certainly do! I experienced the ceremony on Saturday as particularly beautiful and impressive.

At the beginning I had some difficulty keeping the MAO inhibitor inside, and I struggled with nausea on my mattress. But when the first hour was over, and my body had absorbed everything well, I felt the most intense, ineffable love I can imagine. And that presence hung throughout the ceremony room. During my Ayahuasca retreat in Peru I had similar experiences. With me, plant medicines are never really visual; they bring out more feelings, intuitions and valuable realizations. This includes Saturday. For example, I felt a very strong gratitude and appreciation for basically everything and everyone, but especially for my parents. The realization that they have always loved me unconditionally gave me inspiration to love themselves unconditionally. But also for your entire team of supervisors (including the dog, what’s her name?) I received a lot of respect during the ceremony. I find the way in which you are constantly on your guard with the purest intentions, checking whether all participants are doing well, and at the same time maintaining an atmosphere of good humor, admirable. Thanks again for the inspiring day! The last two days I notice that I feel very light and cheerful. I have a lot of energy, and I have thanked my entire family and some good friends for just being there in my life. I also walked through the woods today and yesterday, and there I saw the water sparkle just a little brighter, and I heard the birds whistling just a little more harmoniously than normal.

I wish you the best of luck with the ceremonies that will take place in the coming period! That you can help many people with it. We will see each other again in February, but until then I will often think of you and the fine ceremony that I have been able to attend.

Greetings and lots of Psilohuasca love,




Hello Quinne,

Now more than 48 hours after the end of the ceremony last Saturday, “I am still glowing after”. I feel touched, rich, connected, humble and exalted. I suspect you understand what I mean. I took a wonderful long walk in the forest yesterday and, as a child, had fun romping through the thick foliage on the ground. I realized that little W. therefore had a lot of fun jumping in the middle of the big puddles. I laughed heartily about it, but I didn’t do that ☺.

One of the things that particularly touched me in the ceremony was the music in which the big drums were played. Little W. thought (read: finds !!) that was fantastic. The drums seem to be an important tool to find my inner child, but also to improve the connection with my body. I would really like to “have that music with me” to deepen that process. Now I have a lot of Ayahuasca music, but hardly with those big drums and I can’t find them these days either.

You had some fantastic numbers. If it is not too much trouble for you, you will do me a lot of pleasure if you could give me the location of one or more of those numbers.

I am grateful to you anyway!

Loys of love,




Dear Quinne, Eva and Esther,

Would like to thank you again for the beautiful, fine and warm ceremony. Psilohuasca has exceeded all my expectations.

But during the psilohuasca ceremony I was able to delve deeper into the events themselves and I took another big step forward.

Would like to thank Eva even more for her guidance and comfort during the heavy pieces .. I really needed it at that time.

I experienced it as a fierce experience but certainly as a beautiful experience, and man .. I laughed so much.

Wonderful work what you do, with so much love and passion.

Until next time.

Love Anouk



Hello Quinne,

Thanks to you, Esther and Eva for the very interesting journey that I have had. It was a special experience. I have had several interesting visuals that on the one hand were quite incoherent, but also gave me some clear messages. The biggest one is that I have to be patient and things are the way they are because they have to be that way. And that my “desires” will come, and are already there. I have to stop today to want what is due tomorrow.

In addition, my entire trip was downright hilarious and comical. At one point the whole ceremony seemed set in scene and everything you did was funny 🙂 Possibly also a message, but can’t tie a rope to it.

Well … I would like to do a Kambo with you, but first I would like to talk to you briefly about this by telephone, is that possible?

see you soon.




Hey Quinne & Erik,

To do!

After experiencing many (beautiful and intensive) Ayahuasca ceremonies, I was somewhat skeptical about a ceremony with truffles. But this skepticism turned out to be completely unfounded. I went through a very intensive process with truffles. In fact, I can best describe my experience (s) as very friendly, yet profound. In addition, I cannot ignore the extremely cordial, professional and sound guidance provided by Quinne and her team. I have visited many “awareness institutions”, but Innerlijke-reis is far and wide here.

You are in extremely good hands with them. In my view, an extremely ethical institution, where employees carry the heart in the right place.




Last week attended a Psilohuasca ceremony. Exciting, what’s going to happen, I know I can let go of control. But sometimes that is easier said than done.

The truffles taste a bit nutty with a light acid at the end.

When I have chewed everything away I lie down and wait and wait. I’m getting cold. Quinne had already said that I could expect some cold, well that’s right. Fortunately, I was lovingly cared for and also noticed that I could have the cold. Then it started to work. I saw all kinds of visuals and patterns. Then I got to see the things that I had asked for. Insights into my life and how I can deal with it. After the ceremony I felt happy and relieved, I dared to let go of control and had a very nice trip.

Also afterwards I was lovingly cared for by Quinne. Thank you and I can continue on my life path.

Thankful for this experience.




Hi Quinne, I would like to thank you and your team again for the wonderful Psilohuasca ceremony last Friday, which was definitely given an extra dimension by the clearly selected music with love.

Kind regards,




Hi Quinne, I would like to thank you and your team again for the wonderful Psilohuasca ceremony last Friday, which was definitely given an extra dimension by the clearly selected music with love.

Kind regards



November 2019:

Good morning Quinne,

I was pleasantly surprised about the power of this Psilohuasca medicine, the combination of peganum harmala with the holy truffle wow deep respect.

I feel that traveling with Psilohuasca is very similar to Ayahuasca, but with the difference that vomiting is a lot less, I personally find this an advantage.

The healing and the insights that the medicine gives you are just as special as the Ayahuasca, the journey began very subtle, but after about an hour the journey became more intense both physically and mentally. “Light as dark” the insights were deep and healing in short the Psilohuasca is a very beautiful and powerful medicine to work with.

I felt a lot relieved after this trip.





My Psilohuasca experience

I was very curious what it would bring me and I was immediately impressed by this beautiful combination.

After fifteen minutes I already started to feel it and after 20 minutes I was completely in it. It was immediately very visual and very clear. I have seen a lot of beautiful rainbow colors J

I am a headache / migraine patient and before we started I already had a little headache and was afraid it would only get worse. But once I felt this plant medicine, my headache was completely gone! The confidence was there immediately. I could completely surrender. I was really cold. The first one and a half / two hours was really intense, deep processes. But also the same moment of integration and then the following came again. Lots of repetitions from previous trips. For me it was a bit like that where mother Ayahuasca leads you through the journey, there was now a wise grandmother who was a bit more remote and let me do it myself, but was very clearly present. It was very personal mainly. Pieces that I was allowed to and (better still go) let go. I have had many insights. If I had to make a comparison, I think you get what you need with Psilohuasca, that I would have had these insights with Ayahuasca. It was more visual and all senses were more open to my feeling. With Ayahuasca it is like that when it is finished, it is ready and this Psilohuasca “lingered” longer, but that was also a great feeling.

Again, I am very impressed with this beautiful plant medicine.




You can achieve the same with Psilohuasca as with Ayahuasca. You enter the same “dimension (s)” where you can work on yourself and gain insights.

It does require more focus to keep your attention focused on what you want. With Psilohuasca it seems that you have more freedom to go where you want.

The peak seems to last longer. Visually the colors are very clear and clear. It seems that there is much more light. When I open my eyes I see no “visuals” in the room, with Ayahuasca I see this. Physically I feel the Psilohuasca much longer in my body. The feeling in the background is very palpable. It ebbs slower.

It was a very nice introduction to the “Magic truffle”. Something I want to work with more often.




My Psilohuasca experiences:

We get a lot of questions about the difference between Ayahuasca and Psilohuasca, and to be honest, I was curious about that.

Now after having made several journeys, also with Psilohuasca, I can’t really state it. The Entheogen (be it Psilohuasca, Ayahuasca or only mushrooms without MAOI) shows you in my experience what is needed for you at that moment. How can I compare it with another Entheogene at the same time?

I think on the days that I took Psilohuasca, I received the same insights and lessons that I would also get with Ayahuasca if I had taken it at those times.

Previously I had the feeling that Mushrooms (without MAOI) are more about cosmic matters (how did the earth come into existence, the universe … etc) and the Ayahuasca more about yourself. With the Psilohuasca, however, I also came across very personal pieces. If I have to make a difference, then my experience is that the Psilohuasca is more visual than the Ayahuasca. Of the 10 Ayahuasca ceremonies, maybe 5 are visual and for the Psilohuasca that is 9 out of 10.

The Psilohuasca has shown me very clearly that I was allowed to let go, and this has resulted in me feeling a lot lighter energetically afterwards. I was also allowed to see very clearly where I am going as a person with my life if I continue to follow my path, and what my purpose is at this moment in my life.

The Psilohuasca has made a very deep impression on me and has earned my respect. What a master of plants these are!

I am very grateful that I can work with this.




After many years of Ayahuasca experience, I want to share something about the Psilohuasca experience.

15 minutes after taking the Psilohuasca already started to work. I was surprised because it took at least an hour the time before. Because of this I went into the resistance, it wasn’t completely ready yet. Just to the toilet, how cold I am, the pillow is not comfortable, my pants are not good, what am I going to encounter in this experience, did i have had the correct dosage … I struggled with this for quite a while. Let come what may come, I told myself everything can be there and everything is good. But I know that the surrender comes from deeper than from your thoughts.

And suddenly it was there … I ended up in the (as I call it) field, in a different frequency. The frequency from where everything is good … the frequency from where you can see everything from a higher perspective … the frequency from where you can view, feel and heal everything with a lot of love.

The first two to three hours were very intense for me and then I got into a state where I could quietly view and integrate everything. This state of being persisted for quite a long time and that was fantastic!

I have had very nice insights during my journey.

The Ayahuasca (MAO inhibitor) and the Truffles work together magically.

Thanks for this super beautiful experience.





Dear Innerlijke-reis family,

I just wanted to say thank you so much for the experience on the previous weekend. Although it was challenging at times for me with it being my first experience with pyschedlics, I feel like I have grown so much in such a short amount of time and I am so grateful for all of it. All my intentions for the sessions were fulfilled and I just feel this deep peace and gratitude for everything. I saw and experienced so many beautiful majestic things that I can now go back to and think about all the time. My experience would have been totally different if it weren’t for all of your kindness and loving guidance, I especially appreciate how you sat with me, held my hand and knew that comfort and grounding was an important part of feeling safe in the experience for me. Also, Aaron enjoyed it too and wanted to say he liked the devi praya song (I think that’s what he referred to it as?) and lastly thank you so much for beautiful doggy (I don’t know how to spell her name sorry!) who made the experience so positive for me too.

Much love and peace,

(from Australia) xx



Hi dear Eva & Ester & Anton,

I wanted to thank you once more for the amazing ceremony on Saturday.

Although I struggled very much with my ego and physical discomfort, it has since then turned out to be unbelievable experience. I know my ego and body got in between and I accepted it, for the first time good enough I said to myself.

The integration process since then has been so full of revelations and I only now discover how much happened beyond the amazing visuals. Even this morning when meditating I felt like I was an open channel and I got information downloaded like never before. Beautiful altogether. Even if I hated physically the ceremony, I will for sure be back.

In your presence and guidance I felt ultimately safe and comfortable. The space, the atmosphere, the energy, everything you provided makes just want to thank you once more and send you my regards full of love and warmth.

See you soon! Namaste!

Best regards,



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