Group ceremonies

The group ceremonies of Innerlijke-reis are held in Vierakker, at a beautiful natural location..

During the journey, you will be taken away by accompanying music and you will be supported by loving, experienced guides. All guides of Innerlijke-reis have a therapeutic and/or nursing background. They are further familiar with spiritual and energetic work and have a lot of experience in life, in drinking Ayahuasca/Psilohuasca and in guiding  ceremonies. For more information about the ceremony, click here: Psilohuasca ceremony

Have a look in the Agenda for the available dates if you want to participate in a group ceremony.

Many natural materials have been used at the ceremony location in Vierakker. The walls are covered with loam, the floors with clay from the IJssel and a lot of wood has been used. These materials ensure a serene and warm atmosphere.

Small group ceremonies

Once per month, Innerlijke-reis organises a small group ceremony for maximum 4-5 participants at the location in Vierakker. Particularly for participants who prefer to participate in a small group. Have a look in the Agenda for the dates of this small group ceremony.

It is also possible to compose your own group. Please Contact us to make an appointment.

Innerlijke-reis Specials

Innerlijke-reis organises specials on a regular basis which will be published through this website and social media.


A journey within can help you connect with your inner wisdom, so you can go to the core of a problem. For example, in case of physical problems, drug addiction, depression, anxiety, bereavement and post-traumatic stress disorder.

An Psilohuasca ceremony can help you face and solve problems enabling you to enjoy life.

A journey within can help with spiritual development, awareness and life issues. Should you want to know more about it, please contact us through 06 – 23 23 37 88 or visit the contact page.

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